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EP113 – Lithium and the new energy revolution with Lukasz Bednarski

Lithium, the third element on the periodic table, is contained in the batteries which power laptops and electric vehicles. It is essential to what the author of a new book calls a “global energy revolution”.

In Economics Explored episode 113, Lukasz Bendarski talks about his new book Lithium: The Global Race for Battery Dominance and the New Energy Revolution with show host Gene Tunny. The blurb for Lukasz’s book reads:

“A global energy revolution is unfolding before our eyes: ever-growing numbers of electric vehicles on our roads, laptops that last all day on a single charge and solar panels on our roofs, all reliant on lithium-ion batteries. This revolution is happening at breath-taking speed, with the potential to completely transform key industries and the way we live. For the first time in history, we can now actually store this green energy we talk so much about. Often referred to as ‘the new oil’, lithium allows large amounts of energy to be squeezed into a very small space.”

About this episode’s guest – Lukasz Bednarski

Lukasz Bednarski is a battery materials analyst, founder of the lithium industry portal Lithium Today and a former commodity trader.

Lithium: The Global Race for Battery Dominance and the New Energy Revolution by Lukasz Bednarski

Amazon page for Lukasz’s book

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Podcast episode

EP86 – Decarbonizing the Economy

In Episode 86 of Economics Explored, host Gene Tunny talks about the big challenge of decarbonizing economies to respond to climate change. Among other issues he considers the uncertainty around the impacts of climate change, the future of coal, and optimal policy responses to climate change. 

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